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Cooking? Washing? …No thanks, I need a HOLIDAY

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Do you ever dream of just running away for few days? Well the thing is, for that to happen, you must leave the kids and husband behind. Sounds awesome right? But hang on a minute, how am I going to figure out what to see, where to stay, plus get a few friends together and create an exciting itinerary?” Well, Girls Fun Tours are here to help. But before we tell you who we are and what we do, let’s think of a few factors.

What stops you? Family, friends, time of work?

Motherhood and marriage can be very stressful. struggling daily to balance the demands of a “fast forward” life these days that we all seem to have – I am sure we all remember the movie with Jessica Parker “I don’t know how she does it”…right?

Each of us needs to feel more centred within ourselves and we need a break to find our soul. I think is very important for every woman to be rejuvenated and refreshed, taking a break from our daily routine to make sure our needs are met and it is not a wish but necessity. And if you are lucky to have a girlfriend to share the experience with, then the break away will be even more rewarding.

So why should you go on holidays with girlfriends only? All women love to travel, and it is like a therapy which can give you sense of empowerment and confidence plus lots of fun. There are many reasons for going on a women-only trip, and everyone will have their own one…but the main reason is the opportunity to be yourself , to let our hair down, explore and visit new places, make new friendship and most of all relax and make these few days just about you and only you.

Why choose Girls Fun Tours? We often find ourselves stressing when trying to plan something that’s right for everyone! Correct? GFT provide fully escorted holidays for Women only. From flights, accommodation, daily activities and V.I.P night entertainment it is all the fun with stress free holiday because we got you covered. With 25 years of personal travel experience GFT knows the right places, the right times and the right point of interest that will deliver impact. If you want the WOW factor and to see more things you have only seen in the movies…then Girls Fun Tours is your answer.

Ladies spice up your life, if the words fabulous, amazing, sensational, exciting and fun go with your preferences for a great holiday, then this is the trip for you! Check out our upcoming trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas 2019 Girls Fun Tours – Travel for Women only like no other

Washing, cleaning ? No Thankyou

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