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Love to Travel? We do too!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I am sitting on my couch right now, thinking, if you had to get on the plane tomorrow, where would you go? Why would you want to go there? And also what would you want out of that trip?

Usually there are four main categories of travel styles. First, we love exotic destinations where the weather is almost guaranteed and we can simply do nothing, relax on the beach, read the book, and enjoy a massage or two. Secondly, a little bit of wildlife and culture, such as seeing animals in their natural habitat like African Safari and learning about local life and their tradition, perhaps having a culinary experience, which could be taking a cooking class. Thirdly, we do not mind visiting big metropolitan cities like Paris, London or Las Vegas, from historic monuments, art galleries, designer shopping to the Vegas Strip casinos, lights and buzz that sin city has to offer. And finally, we like to explore some activities or go on an unique adventure, such as a camel ride in the Sahara Desert or Helicopter flight over Grand Canyon.

What do you think the duration of your trip should be ?

Long duration vs short duration, hm, you would need to consider few factors like:

How long can I get time of work?

How much spending money do I need if I go on longer vacation?

Who can go with me on a longer vacation vs shorter trip?

What type of activities I can fit in longer vs shorter vacation?

I hope that we have generated few travel ideas for our next Girls Fun Tours holiday. With our boutique travel style we really seek to find unique experiences and engage with the cultural values and surroundings of the place that we’re visiting. It is really important for us to have your feedback so we can create exciting and fun trips full of activities everyone loves to do.

Please contact us here or register your interest for 2020 Girls Fun Tours Holiday destinations.

Where do we go next in 2019?

San Francisco and Las Vegas, our Fabulous Women only tour to the USA 2019, woo hoo

Pack your bags Ladies!

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