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Planning a trip to San Francisco?

Before my first visit to San Francisco, I associated the City by the Bay with a few things like: hilly streets, cable cars, fog, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

And, while all those iconic things are associated with San Francisco, my biggest “imprint” from my first visit was understanding that San Francisco is all about the neighbourhoods.

There is one must-visit neighbourhood - it has not changed much since 1950 and you must be wondering by now what neighbourhood I am talking about, right? It's

.On my last visit to San Francisco in May 2018, I had opportunity to explore the most densely populated part of the city with a huge Chinese heritage.

Wondering why? Well, during my first 15 minutes, wandering around and walking down the streets, it was not difficult to convince myself that I really am in China! San Francisco’s Chinatown area contains the largest Chinese population outside of Asia and many locals do not speak English! According to the San Francisco Planning Department, Chinatown is "the most densely populated urban area west of Manhattan", with 15,000 residents living in 20 square blocks.

The area is filled with Chinese street lamps, decorative embellishments, lots of red lanterns, shop keepers, original Chinese herbalist's and very original Chinese-style buildings, not to mention The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. And, if your interests also includes scouting for the great culinary experiences, then exploring San Francisco's Chinatown is a must.

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