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"The Travel Capsule - packing tips"

For many of you, packing for a long-haul holiday could be a nightmare. But for some others it could be an easy task. Have you heard about Travel Capsule? Created for female traveller - let’s learn about the best packing tips from Marcelle Gosling, a fashion stylist and owner of Trinity Row Clothing.

Marcelle, who provides personalized stylist session for each of her customers has travelled to many places with her girlfriends in recent years and invented the so called “Travel Capsule”

I had pleasure interviewing Marcelle the other day and asked her few questions;

Marcelle, what do you think about custom-design tours for women only?

~“I absolutely love a chic holiday and I need them. Being away with a group of girlfriends is full of laughter and being little girls again (very liberating). I have never been on a trip on my own with women I don’t know –as I am fortunate enough to have girlfriends that are in the same position as myself-who’s husbands are not as excited about shopping/food and trivia that we are, however if I was on my own a female trip is what I would be doing to meet new people. My husband and I have travelled a lot over many years and he now is happy golfing – and if I didn’t do the girls trips I would be definitely missing out on what I want!

What would be your favourite destinations?

~“I do love being in Europe for their summer ad I always like to be there in July/August (Very hot) but I love it. I can’t think of a favourite as the countries I have visited are all so different and I think it also depends on who you are with and what you are doing there – I do prefer smaller towns than cities, and I do love village life with the locals-when in UK I spend time with my family in a beautiful small village called Cavendish. When in France I spend time in Aligan du Vent-small village in the south where my friends have house. In Italy I love all the coastal areas. I don’t do a lot of castles /churches any more –I just love to people watch, shop, go to local markets or experience the food and the local wineries.

What destination is on your bucket list?

~“I would love a small chic tour to India”

Marcelle, let’s move to your invention, Please tell us more about the capsule wardrobe.

~“My capsule wardrobe can be arranged in several different ways-depending on where you’re travelling to and the time of year you are going. For Example, going to USA in summer – I would be wearing my Bamboo pants/top and my Bamboo wrap-pack- the bamboo is excellent for traveling-I usually like my ladies to take 4-6 pieces and I show them how to create about 20 styles – then I would pack my print silk dresses and kaftans. If it is winter, I would change the tops and add sleeves and use all the pieces as layers - I always check where ladies are going, and I work with that in mind.

Why do you believe your clothing brand is great for travel?

~“A good wardrobe is made up of pieces that are versatile and timeless. I particularly love natural fabrics - silk, bamboo, linen, cotton and multi-wear pieces that can be styled to be worn many different ways. Some women just love wearing bamboo everyday. It makes life easy to go to your wardrobe and everything matches – it’s simple/classic/no maintenance and organic!

And the styles I use are extremely flattering whether you are a size 8-18. I love to dress and style ladies, as I am fanatical about fit and styles that suit their shape-after being in fashion for 42yrs and business 38yrs my reputation is my strong point – I know what will suit you and if you don’t look and feel good when you leave me – people won’t comment on how good you look and therefore I don’t have a business.

Thank you Marcelle for the interview and we really do believe your variety selection will make us and our customers look and feel beautiful for our Fabulous Ladies only trip to the USA including 2 amazing locations: San Francisco & Las Vegas, September 2019!

Check it out!

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